Midi Drum Output Channels

I’m syncing Dorico to Cubase / Nuendo and I’m trying to map a drum pattern in Dorico to Groove Agent in Cubase.
As you can see here, the midi roll editor clearly shows two different notes for the closed and open Hi-Hat. (As it’s written in the staff editor) If I playback in Dorico via Halion it sounds like a closed hi-hat followed by an open hi-hat, so somewhere in the software there’s something that tells the softsyth that this is so. When I play it back into Cubase or Nuendo, the closed hi-hat comes through as note B3, but then so does the open hi-hat.

How do I get the open hi-hat which is clearly notated as a different note in the midi roll to output as a different note in reality?


Justin Fisher,

I’m not completely sure what you’re reporting, but is the issue that you’re exporting MIDI from Dorico into Cubase and finding that open and closed hi-hat notes are being exported as the same MIDI pitch? I just tried this for myself and found that, as I expected, closed hi-hat exports as MIDI note 42, and open hi-hat exports as MIDI note 46.

But perhaps you’re talking about something else?

That is most odd. Here is my simplfied score to demonstrate the point:


This is sent out to my internal midi, port 1 channel 10


Putting a MIDI monitor on the insert of my drum track in Nuendo, with a filter set to let only Channel 10 on port 1 through (there is nothing else going on) I get this:


If I use a drum map to Nuendo to map B3 to F#1, I get 4 beats of a closed hi-hat to every bar.