MIDI Drum recordings with pads not in sync with audio

I am recording my drums with the drum pads on my Nektar LX 88+ and I am 100% on time and in-sync with the music I’m recording, but when I hit playback the audio from the MIDI is too fast and ahead of the beat. I made sure to turn the tempo track off, not sure what’s wrong. I can move the midi over and find the exact place where I recorded, but I don’t want to have to do that. Not sure what’s going on? I am using a drum map and a Kontakt library called, Modern and Massive. Any help would be great?

what asio driver are you using?
Did you have a look at the studio tab midi settings (use system time stamp and alike)?

HTH, Ernst

Hi Elien,

I am using the Focusrite USB Audio driver. I just checked my settings and the system time stamp wasn’t checked. I will try it out now.

Still having issues with delay from my MIDI keyboard even after checking “System Time Stamp” in my MIDI settings. Any other help would be greatly appreciated. The music I’m recording isn’t to a click track, and MIDI editing drums against a grid and get rock solid tempo is way too much work. I really want to be able to use my drum pads on my keyboard. Thanks.

I’m not near my pc but there used to be a midi offset setting as I used to use it a few years ago with an audio interface I had.