MIDI drums and group channels

Hi forum,

I am still new to cubase and am wondering the best way to go about this. I am working through a turotial which has been produced using Logic.

The tut shows a drum track being created over different tacks. So the kick is in one track, the claps in another and so on.
Now there are two channels, each of a different type of clap which is then routed into a bus channel which has a compressor applied to it.

What I have set up in cubase is 2x MIDI tracks each pointing to a simgle instance of Battery 4. This works fine but in the mixer I don’t have any option to send the track outputs to the group channel I created. I can only send intrument tracks to group channels not MIDI tracks. Now I could make a seperate instrument track for each drum part but this would load up a new instance of Battery for each one and seems like a huge waste of resources.

Is there a better of going about this?



MIDI channels output to Instruments, either VSTi or hardware. It’s the VST output Channel that is routable to the audio busses (Battery is already outputting to a VST Output Channel). So you need a second VST output.

Activate another VST output from battery (little button in the Rack). Assign the second sound in Battery to that output (never used battery, so check the manual). Then assign all the VST outputs to your Group Channel. Done! [emoji5]