Midi early bug

For years i have this problem i thought my playing time is off, and i would take my midi playing track forward a few steps, only to discover the problem is not in me but with cubase capturing it earlier than i’ve played it.

I’ve created a VIDEO to showcase the problem, it’s happening ever since on all cubase versions, where i record midi and it is then being captured earlier than i’ve played it.

Steps to recreate the problem:
1)Create a Drums GM track
2)Create an audio track routed to record all audio in real time
3)Record and play HiHat or anything you want
4)Zoom in and see the time differences between the two tracks
5)For verification, Render in place your midi track to audio, and see the differences in time between the two audio tracks, one captured live and and one generated from midi.

Can anybody verify the problem?

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7
Cubase 11.0.20

Of course… Cubase captures something that you didn’t play… well…

How do you send your audio to the track? Where is the audio coming from?
Did you ever tried to compensate signal flow delays?

and to be honest, this is physics not a bug

It doesn’t capture anything but what i play.
I route my audio internally via my soundcard.
The problem is not with the audio but with the midi being early… i’ve noticed it by playing perfectly to click and the midi being captured earlier than i’ve played, before the click.
For years i was thinking i’m playing before time so i would take all of my midi tracks forward, only to realise it’s cubase doing it and having it earlier than played.