midi echo trips and tricks?

Could someone share with me how they use midi echo or midi echo in combination with the Cubase arpegiator? The forums and youtube do not render many results.

Thanks in advance!

Midi echo, a feature not used by many?

Aloha R,

Back-n-da-day when Cubase was
1-a MIDI only programme and
2-tracks were limited,
3-'puters were limp,
4-no audio
we used tricks like ‘MIDI echo’ etc because we had to.

Resources were limited.

But then came:
1-More powerful 'puters.
2-Decent sounding VSTi’s.
3-Great modeling of vintage gear.
4-Amazing arpeggiator apps.

Guess we don’t do any MIDI tricks anymore. No need to.

Good Luck!