MIDI edit: Can you subtract notes in a track?

MIDI edit: Can you subtract notes in a track?
I have a track #1 which has, let’s say, both the left and right hand parts of a piano part.

I also have another track #2 which has the exact same notes as the left hand part that are already in track #1.

Is there some way to “subtract” the notes in track #2 from track #1 and place them in a new track #3.

Stated another way, is there a way to remove “duplicate” or matching notes that are in different tracks?

There is a “remove duplicate” option in the MIDI menu, but it may only work within a single track.
I would simply go to your track #! (or copy it to #3 first if you want to keep #1 intact), open the key editor and remove or mute the low notes. Most piano parts have reasonably well-defined L/R parts, but you might need to be a bit careful, and do some cleanup after the first delete. But it shouldn’t take long.