Midi edit Step mode Q

How do I make the last note entered in step time automatically selected so it can be deleted/edited without having to click on it?
Many thanks

Paulk: are you talking about editing in the key editor? or the Drum editor a midi note? Or
are you talking about an Audio note ? :question:

I would use the ERASE TOOL to Erase in the 2 midi editors
that last note. In Audio I would use the SPLIT TOOL to isolate the note
then use the erase tool or to be safe THE MUTE TOOL.

Any other ideas folks


Shift and the back arrow will delete the previous note(s)and move the cursor to that position, ready to re-enter the step. It deletes all notes on that step, though. Haven’t found a way to select the note, though. A read through that section of the manual might shed some light.