MIDI editing: notes beyond part boundary appearing in next part!

I decided take advantage of the generous 40%-off upgrades and have now moved from 10.5 to 11. Not before time: all the annoying little glitches in 10.5 have vanished (so I was right, ha!). But I think I might have found a new one…

The above pic shows the setup. I have shortened Ch2 (which you see in the lower panel) and want to extend the start of Ch3.4 up to it. But when I do ‘ghost notes’ appear in Ch3.4, as shown below:

These are the remnants of the shortened Ch2 event, as can be proved by deleting them:

They don’t sound but why can I see them?

Prior to all this, Ch2 ran all the way up to Ch3.4. It was still somewhat shortened but I hadn’t noticed any ‘ghosts’ in Ch3.4. Until I started investigating… When I re-extend Ch2 back to Ch3.4 suddenly ‘ghost’ notes appeared again but - and this the weird bit - only after I mouse-over! And then they stay. If I undo they still stay but when I mouse-over they disappear and stay disappeared. In contrast, the ‘ghosts’ in the above graphic seem permanent.

One other little detail: when I select the affected part the ‘ghost’ notes retain their unselected colour. Might be significant…

Weird or what?! It seems to be graphics-only but it’s very distracting and potentially confusing. I’m gonna keep racking my brains but in the meantime, any ideas anyone?

That is the normal expected behavior. Those ‘ghost notes’ are not part of Ch3.4 at all. They just appear to be because you have Ch3.4 on top of where the ‘ghost notes’ are currently located. These ‘ghost notes’ are in the Ch2 MIDI Part. If you drag Ch2 to another Track or somewhere else on the Timeline the ‘ghosts’ will follow right along.

When you shortened Ch2 by changing its end, that doesn’t get rid of any Notes (or other MIDI Data) beyond this new end point. While the original Notes still exist, they don’t play because they are after where the Part ends. But if you were to lengthen Ch2 those Notes would again become active.

If you want to shorten a MIDI Part and want the Notes outside the new length to be deleted, then split the Part into 2 Parts and delete the one that has the unwanted Notes. Simply resizing a MIDI Part does not delete existing MIDI data within the Part.

I’ve had some good advice from you, Raino, down the years so don’t get me wrong, buddy, but I know about events still existing beyond part boundaries, I’ve been using Cubase for years, but it can’t be normal expected behaviour for them to still be visible after I shorten the part. That doesn’t make any sense at all. Indeed, in all the years I’ve been using Cubase I have never seen this, although come to think of it it’s ringing a bell from my experiences with the frustrating 10.5. The shortened part in question is shared, so trimming the excess is not an option.

That’s how it has always worked for me. I never really thought about it being visible before, but it does make some sense that they are visible - otherwise how could you tell they exist?

You could convert that one instance of the Part into a non-shared copy, or just ignore the notes.

As far as the shortened shared part is concerned they don’t exist so why would you want to know? And having non-sounding notes appearing in adjacent parts is just confusing and can send one off on a wild goose chase.

Something’s wrong (although it’s hard to set up and reproduce). The ‘ghost’ notes only appear when the parts are in contact. If there’s even a tiny gap they don’t show, even if the extra notes would overlap. If it has always worked like this for you then maybe it’s been an issue for longer than I realise but I’m finding the graphics somewhat unreliable atm. Part name text colour is not changing from black to white when selected but turns white when the next part is selected and stays like that - but only when the two parts touch! If instead of clicking on the next part you click away then it turns black.

Bit later:
Right. I’ve finally managed to reproduce this, sort of. The ‘ghost’ notes and wrong text colour only happen if the two adjacent parts are copies - shared or not. But not always…

The two issues seem to be linked but that’ll do for now. My head is spinning so I’ll check back in later…

This has stopped happening. Don’t know why but if anyone does please feel free to comment…

It’s happening again but I’ve discovered something. I shortened a part (not shared) then share-copied another part into the gap. Notes from the shortened part (now beyond the part boundary) appear in the new part as an overlay.

However, do the same but normal-copy the new part and they don’t appear.

Returning to the shared-copy scenario, converting the shared copy to a real copy doesn’t remove the overlay.

But what was briefly reproducible has now stopped happening and everything is back to how it should be. All I did was make a few copies to verify what I’m writing. Seems to have triggered something…

I’m including this for the sake of completeness, something weird is going on, don’t know if it’s Cubase or me.