Midi Editing - Nuking Leslie Rotation on B3?

Hey gang, I am back with another crazy/convoluted/dumb question for the gang.

I recorded some B3 about a month ago using MIDI in Cubase and Kontakt’s Vintage Organs.

The player went a tad nuts with his love of the Leslie Off/On switch. I just know some of you Cubase guru’s know if:
A. if its possible to kill some of these commands
b. If possible then which command or midi note thingy I need to look at/toggle/delete

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Dennis in Memphis

Look for modulation wheel(#CC 01), they used that on old B4 and B4 II.

So check automation curve for that if it fits changes.

If you just monitor your keypresses and joggle modulation around you probably find that too.

Or let Cubase “show all controllers” or something they call it - it will help you dig it up.

Well, the Midi editor seems useless for this.
Going to the project view I can see the midi, I click the small circle + and down drops choices. I change it to “All CC1 Modulation” in the drop down menu and I can see where its happening but I cant find a way to edit it. I see the curves drawn by the original tracking. I have tried the pencil draw tool and it adds or subtracts nothing. Any suggestions. I feel I am so close but I cant make it respond to any changes.

AH HA!!! Found that little bugger! OK for future searches.
Open Midi editor. On the left hand side you see the virtual keyboard displaying notes and stuff. RIGHT below the bottom key there is a little modifier word that defaults as “Velocity”. Click THAT guy and you get a menu of available options.
I did this, grabbed my pencil tool and redrew the rotary speaker PERFECTLY!