Midi editing on the same track?

Hi, I can’t seem to post anything in the Cubase forum even though I have in the past and am properly registered, so I hope its ok if I ask this question here.
Every year I ask about a specific feature that is essential to my workflow that Logic and Protools has and I am hoping for in Cubase…
Can I edit midi data (on the same track) without having drop down tracks? My templates are 300+ and I need this option.
I know Cubase only allows editing with additional tracks (below) the main one which won’t work for me. Makes it too confusing with huge templates

Hopefully you ask on the Apple and Avid forums similar questions about functionality not available in Logic or Pro Tools :question:

Yes you can.

Not true - however your explanation of the ‘actual’ problem is vague. :nerd:

You have 300 tracks of midi, respecting that each person works the way they believe best, I still would like to ask why??

Assuming that you’re referring to the parameter control that one is able to access on the Arr. window - this is an option added on later versions of Cubase. The original ability to extensively edit within a track via the controller lanes is still there. Then off-course there’s note expression for which Logic and Pro Tools have no equivalent…