Midi Editing Problem - Infinite Length

Hi everyone,

Here is my problem : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YawMVMR8Ia8&feature=youtu.be

When i record Midi informations, some have an infinite length, until the end of the project. It appears aleatory.

Someone knows how i can resolve it ?
I searched a long time to find solution but i didn’t find it…
Is it a configuration problem or a cubase’s bug ?

Thanks for all,

I found the problem but i don’t really understand why it is a problem.

When i’m on “All MIDI Inputs” on the “MIDI Input” section, the problem appears.
When i’m on “USB Keystation 88es” it works fine.

So there is an incompatibily somewhere probably…

Hope it can help if someone have the same problem.

Looks like some notes are not receiving a note off command. I would re-install all my MIDI drivers. Many years ago I had a hanging notes problem which ended up being a corrupt MIDI driver. Not saying that will be the problem on this occasion but it can’t do any harm.

Thanks, i’ll try, Thks.

NEVER use “All MIDI Inputs” unless you have a reason to do this. “All” may receive information from more than one device driver connected to one hardware device at the same time. And your problem is only one of problems you may encounter by doing so.