MIDI editing question

Hi guys-
So when if I don’t perfectly quantize a midi part but then i want to cut that part right on the grid in order to easily copy it to another part of the song, it will delete some of the notes at the point of cutting. Is there any way to change this setting so that it does not do this?
Many thanks~~~


It depends, how do you cut the MIDI Part. If you use the Split tool (doesn’t matter, if you select the tool, or use Object Selection + Alt modifier), then the DESTRUCTIVE cut is done. So the Note is really lost.

But, if you use the small squares to change the length of the MIDI Part, this is NON-destructive cut, and the MIDI Note is still inckuded in the Part. So then, you can copy (or duplicate) the event (with hidden Note, which is over the grid), and then again extend all MIDI Parts to show the Note(s), which are over the grid).

Does it work to you?

ah! that’s exactly what I wanted. thank you so much!