MIDI Editing tools need an overhaul

Carrying out an edit on an event should not deselect the event.
This happens with Glue and (Alt) Split

After dragging the Erase tool over an event, releasing the mouse should erase the selected event. Consistent with the Mute tool

Editing the velocity of an event should select the event.
There should be a key command for muting events.

There should be separate key commands for Object Selection - Normal Sizing - Sizing Applies
Time Stretch.

The Legato function doesn’t work properly. Often the events don’t actually touch the next event.
See Video Steinberg Cubase 2021 07 12 19 51 22 01 - YouTube

You can map them independently:-

I prefer how it’s setup though, where you just press 1 to toggle through them. I’d probably prefer a key modifier when dragging the clip though, i.e. so you can time stretch with alt held - something along those lines.

Yeah but they need to ditch the toggle through the selection tools thing.
If I have a macro that includes changing tool to the object selection tool and I already have it selected, I end up looking at the time stretch tool and have to right click, left click, drag… blah blah.
There just needs to be more consistency in tool behaviours.

Can’t you just set macros to call the specific ‘Object Selection Tool: Normal Sizing’ command? It won’t toggle then.

Awesome!! thanks.
Maybe the toggle Object Selection Tool should be called something different, maybe Selection tool(s)