MIDI editing views zooming

I’ve been using the score editor to compose and edit MIDI data, but I find the staff far too cramped vertically - sometimes it takes me several tries to put the note where I want it. I can’t find any way to expand the staff vertically, which is a shame, because there is plenty of wasted space on the screen. Anyone know how to fix this? Also, I have used the key editor, and have a similar problem. I can improve things by zooming vertically, but I have to do it through the menu about 5 times before I get what I want. Is there an easier way? And I would really prefer using the score editor if someone can tell me how to expand it so I don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome trying to write a note. Thanks for any suggestions.

In the Key Editor, if you position the pointer over the edge of the keys it will turn into a hand which you can click and drag to make the keys wider. Score may have something similar.

I tried that with the score editor, but no luck. Is the score editor any better in Cubase Artist or the full version? Or can one get a plug in MIDI editor as an add on? I want to upgrade to either Artist or the full version, but the score editor is just about a deal breaker for me. It’s just too frustrating to use, and I start to get a hand cramp from trying to hit the right spot with the mouse. Anyone else have this problem, or does nobody use the score editor?

You increase the spacing of the staffs in Score Settings-Staff-Options-System Sizes-Add Space.

Thanks for helping, but I can’t find this Score Settings menu. In my version, the only menu that references Scores is under MIDI. Under MIDI->Scores the choices are Open Score Editor, Staff Settings, and Set Font. None of these offers an option to add spacing. I tried increasing the font size, but that had no effect. I’m using LE5. Do you perhaps have a different version with different menu options, or am I just missing something?

From Mashedmitten’s replies and reading the manual for LE5, I’m drawing the conclusion that it is possible to increase the staff spacing in some versions of Cubase, but not in LE5. Can someone verify this for me, and tell me if Cubase Artist 6 allows one to increase the staff spacing?

I don’t think so, only the full version of Cubase has full score editing. All other versions only have basic options. What exactly they consider basic I don’t know, but most features are unfortunately not available if you don’t use the full version.