MIDI Editing Workflow Improvement Suggestion

There are basically two distinct “modes” my brain slides into when editing MIDI parts: Time Modification and Note Modification. In Time Modification mode, I ONLY want to edit MIDI data horizontally. Conversely, I ONLY want to edit MIDI data vertically in Note Modification mode. Any “crosstalk” (for lack of a better term) in movement abilities across the two modes is nothing but a nuisance.

It would be very useful if there was a button in the editor that, when engaged, allowed you to lock note movement direction in either the X or Y axis. When engaged for the X axis, any selected and dragged notes CANNOT be moved vertically. Vice versa for the Y axis mode.

I know you can lock note movement in the X or Y axis with the control modifier. But, there is always a little hiccup in movement as Cubase figures out which axis you probably want to lock to. This hiccup isn’t a problem when editing a few notes here and there, but it’s a adds up severely when you’re doing composition or long editing sessions. That’s to say nothing of those annoying times when Cubase picks the WRONG axis to lock to and your selection jitters all over the place.

Just let me lock the direction across the entire editor and give my brain a rest so I can continue my creative process.