Midi Editor (Controller Display) Newbie

Complete newbie to DAWs and home recording using LE 7 as start point.
Have managed to lay down some simple midi tracks using laptop and mouse, now experimenting with the Controller display in Midi Editor.
Velocity, pitchbend, sustain (CC64) all ok but cannot get Main Volume (CC7) to work. I believe you can do crescendo or fades etc by using the line tool to draw a linear descent/ascent of CC7 in the controller display.
I have a long recurring bass note event. I bring up the Midi Editor, go to the controller display, bring up main volume (CC7), select the line tool and draw in the descending straight line in the controller display lane from 127 down to 0. Then when I play the event the volume should fade down but doesn’t. It stays at full volume from the first instant right through.
Have I changed a setting somewhere whilst exploring (I’m a total newbie) that renders this CC7 descent/fade inoperable? The volume doesn’t change. Am I doing something wrong?

It is important to understand that a VST instrument and specific program (or patch) must be programmed to respond to certain MIDI CC data. Which instrument and program are you using? Also, for example, in HALion Symphonic Orchestra, if I remember correctly, the “expression” (or volume) can be assigned to different CC data such as CC1 (Modulation), CC11 (Expression). Another possibility is that some instruments, on the channel or program slot level can filter out or ignore CC data like CC7 because you may choose to change the volume by automating CC7 going into the instrument or by automating the channel audio output of the instrument.

Thanks for reply JL. Please bear with me, Started this journey 6 weeks ago. I’m using Halionsonic SE to generate recurring picked bass note over 2 bars. Found an original track I’d saved first few days exploring back in Jan. I draw in the CC7 straight line down from 127 to zero in the controller display now of that track and sure enough it works. The bass note starts at full volume and gradually diminishes to zero over the 2 bars during playback. You can see the Master Fader decreasing in the project window. I open a new project, use Halionsonic SE and create the same bass line. Draw the same descending CC7 line in the controller display and play it back. The volume doesn’t decrease. The fader stays locked in position in the project window. I think I must have changed a setting in Halionsonic SE whilst looking around. The old project reverts back to the saved original settings when activated so it works ok but any new projects are affected by some setting change I must have made in Halionsonic SE I think.
Could that be it?

Just a thanks to JL again. Put me onto the right path re looking at Halionsonic settings. Answer was go to Haliosonic editor/options/midi controller/controller assignment/reset to factory/ set as default. I don’t re-call re-assigning any CC controllers, I don’t even know how yet, but somehow main volume had been assigned somewhere else I guess because on resetting to factory default it’s working. Talk about steep learning curve, 2 days to sort that out. Very frustrating.

Glad you got it working. :smiley: