Midi editor freezing whole Cubase

Hey guys. When I open midi editor by either double click on midi track or from selection windows as “Midi key editor” it freezes whole Cubase and only way is to shut it down through task manger. I have lost my work because of this. Tried also resetting the preferences among the other as I found on forum somewhere, but didn’t help.
Another problem which has been there for longer time and im still not able to fix, that Cubase doesn’t cooperate with Akai MPK MIdi controller. I have used the xml I found for Cubase, it did finally work after hours of struggling but suddenly its gone again and I cant run it there anymore, have no idea why, I haven’t done any changes or new installations to my pc which could affect it. MPK is totally dead in Cubase. No single key active.
I wrote to Steinberg support 2weeks ago but no echo from there either. Anybody have any experience with some of these troubles and found out solution? Thanx

I have the same problem. Have you solved this?

This just happened to me today! No changes to my PC at all. Suddenly, selecting edit on any MIDI track freezes the whole program. Would really love a solution. I know it’s Saturday as i write this … but the sound of crickets from all searches/forum/chat/discussion threads on this issue is disconcerting. Anyone?