MIDI editor grid and subdivisions?

Hey all,

I’ve been using Cubase 9 and while I really like most changes from Cubase 8.5, one of them really bothers me (unless I’m missing something).

In Cubase 8.5, say if you had quantize set to 16th notes, in the MIDI editor you’d have light grey grid lines for 16th notes and darker grid lines for each beat. In Cubase 9, the darker (or lighter if you use the default color scheme) lines for the beats are absent, it makes it quite awkward to edit. Is there an option to fix that?

Thanks in advance.


It depends on the zoom level. If you zoom in, you should see all food lines.

I see all the lines, I just want some of them to be darker.

For reference:

Darker grid lines on beats.


Only darker lines on measures.


Check your Preferences > Appearance > Colors > Editors > Editor Grid Color, please.

Here are my settings for both. Checking “Use Project Colors” only makes it dark/inverted, still no [lighter] beat grid lines

Never mind. I updated to 9.0.20 (I was in 9.0.0) and that fixed it. Thanks anyway!

It seems it’s a draw issue. But I cannot reproduce it in my side.

Ok, In this case it was an known issue… I expected you have the latest update. :slight_smile:

In glad it works.

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This topic is no longer relevant, since grid lines colors can’t be specifically changed in C11

Thanks so much Steve, I haven’t used the metronome click for about 25 years so would NEVER have found this. Much appreciated.

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