MIDI Editor - MIDI Insert Velocity Levels Continuing To Change After Clicking Once

Hi all,

Encountered an issue when trying to adjust MIDI Insert Velocities; the steps to reproduce are:

  • Create a MIDI event and open using Drum/Key Editor
  • Click drop-down “Set up Insert Velocities”, click “Setup…”
  • Click up or down arrows to adjust one of the Insert Velocity Levels

Result: Velocity Level value adjusts by 1, before continuing to increase/decrease until it reaches 127/0.

It seems to be intermittent, sometimes not happening and sometimes only happening to one or two of the Levels but not the others. It occurs with both my wireless mouse and using my laptop’s trackpad.

Cubase 12.0.30, MacOS 10.15.7

Have not seen this. Have you tested on other value fields that have mouse-able arrows?

I haven’t, no - just tested this on a fresh project and reported. I’ll try some other places and see if I get the same thing

Just tried mouse-able arrows for tempo, options in Metronome Setup, current Insert Velocity shown in the MIDI Editor, couldn’t get the same behaviour to occur - as far as I can tell it’s just the Insert Velocities setup dialogue that is affected

interesting. I’ll check it out when I’m in front of my computer. (or someone else will try to repro)

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Got it. I even got a double!

insert velocity setup quirk

Now, have a good look at the “hover/focus” blackish highlight. When the field gets the focus field, dragging works fine. To coerce the “focus highlight” to show up in the first place, I click on the preset dropdown, then it seems to follow the mouse cursor ok.

insert velocity normal drag

By the way, this is 12.0.30, Windows 10.

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Hadn’t noticed the focus/mouseover highlight, good spot!

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And do you notice, how in the second gif, out of 3 moves that I do over the preset field, it only registers two. It’s as if the mouse is “lazy” and the first click is sticky…

Found a workaround (I’m doing this as I type): Move the window even a tiny bit before clicking anywhere inside it. Everything works fine then.
insert velocity touch window

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