Midi editor - new event

When I double click on an existing midi event and I want to add new midi notes, when I record I get a new midi event sitting on top the original one. How do I set up the recording to go straight into the original?



My guess is, you are using wrong terms here…

You double-click on an existing MIDI Part, so the Key Editor opens. Then you want to record into the existing MIDI Part, right?

If so, enable the Record in Editor button in the top-left corner. Then hit Record by using a Key Command or any hardware controller. The trick is, you must not hit Record on the Transport Bar or Transport Panel. If you would do so, the focus switches from the Key Editor to the Project window, so you don’t record into the editor anymore.

Sorted. Yes you were right. Once I had re ‘included’ the Record in Editor switch it all works fine.

Thanks again,