MIDI Editor not transposing via MIDI Modifier

Slightly annoying, maybe there is a setting fix? When setting a MIDI Track with Insert “MIDI Modifier” and transposing via that insert for example +1, the MIDI Editor does not follow that setting. Meaning when editing Notes as in attached example (moving notes up/down), they PLAY with the original key, not the +1 you would expect. Even during realtime playback, everything that is on the track as shown in the Editor play back at +1, but when adding/moving a note event with the mouse, it plays non-transposed. Any suggestions?

Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 14.41.27

Cubase has a variety of different ways you can Transpose pitches. Some of those methods are destructive, meaning the underlying MIDI Data is modified. While the other methods are non-destructive and the underlying MIDI Data is not modified.

Using MIDI Modifiers (for anything) or transposing a MIDI Part via the Project Window’s Info Line are both non-destructive and only effect playback. While Transposing within a MIDI Editor or using the Logical Editor are both destructive. So you need to pick which tools to used based on your desired end results.

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Hi Raino thanks makes sense - Nico

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