Midi editor problems and project start bar.


I have problems with my Midi editor and also the how I can change to project starting at bar 1? It changed somehow to start at Bar 6 as you can see in the picture. And in Midi editor there are few problems when I draw notes the won’t go to right place when I click in editor. If I have 8th notes or 16th note triplet, I have to quantize every note and it makes this so frustrating. It worked just fine few days ago and now when I started new project problems began.

And also I can’t access lower notes in editor. C0 is the lowest I can get and one of my vst plugin uses keyswitches in -G2, -D1 and so on.

A) Project/Project Setup/Display Bar Offset, set to 1 or 0.

B) It looks like you have Snap Enabled in the Project Window but disabled in the Key Editor. If you want notes in the Key Ed to align to the grid, then enable Snap.

C) You should be able to scroll all the way down to C-2. I’ve never seen it behave otherwise. Thought it might be a preference but a quick look found nothing. Probably something miss-set, hopefully someone will chime in. Does the same thing happen if you open the Part in the full window Key Ed? What happens if you change a note’s Pitch Value in the Info Line so it drops down into the non-visible range of notes?

D) I have no idea what you are trying to convey in the picture with Halion Sonic SE open.

Thanks, I look In to it.

C) No it won’t scroll below C0. Even I open it in full window. If I manually by hand change note lets say from C1 to -G2 the note disappears and I Can’t get access to it. This midi editor problem happens randomly… In some occasions if I start a new project midi editor will go down to -D1 but usually it is only above C0.

D) I tried to show In this picture that the bars in project starts at number 6 and not from number 1.

But thanks these instructions help a lot, but that midi editor low notes problem makes things complicated and hopefully someone has idea how to solve it.