MIDI Editor UI "Tabs for Controller lanes"

Tabs for Controller lanes is brilliant idea. Nothing to add.



+1 … some people have brilliant and smart ideas. If i were one of the devs, i would be bringing this to the table by now. Make it the top priority .

Great idea

Great idea if is is not forced on us and its visibility is optional.

  • one could set how many/which tabs are visible.

From today:

I would rather see a volume fader and a groove knob there though… (in the midi editor inspector)

volume= fader from arranger inspector
groove knob= set which groove you like from the pool, knob sets amount.




+1. But also make them where you can put them in the order you wish.

+1 for tabbed windows here and in other parts of the GUI.

+1, Having an horizontal layout definitely saves a lot of space.
It would interesting to make them more like toggles rather than tabs, so you could turn them on and off and see multiple at the same time, but only one / all active…similar to what the notes / sample editor does when selecting multiple events.

+1 (with some reservation as below).

What if you would like to see several controller lanes at the same time?

There would need to be the ability to choose more than one (or all) at the same time. And how should they be shown, in several different lanes (as now), or in the same tab/lane? If you show several at the same time, it would be messy in the same tab/lane, so there would still need to be the possibility to show them in separate lanes, as now.

By the way, the heading of this thread shoud include “Tabs for Controller lanes” so that it’s clear what it’s about. (Otherwise one may think it’s just some general UI moaning when reading through the thread list…)

+1 but vertical!
and as Starsprinkler’s comment, please leave the option to see them all open (as now)





Yes.! I like this; love the idea of having them as ‘toggles’ you turn on/off - the display area adjusting as necessary as you click to choose. Some big ‘plus’ or ‘minus’ buttons could be included to add or remove controller types. Hmm… will need some thought as to how to cope with displaying multiple data types at the same time… :wink:

Also, agree with @Starsprinkler’s good ideas/thoughts too… :slight_smile:

Actually I thought that these tabs would go as an addition to the behavior we have now - so you could pin to tab your “favorite” controllers just to save mouse clicks. And it would be handy to be able to add a new lane with lets say Modulation with just Ctrl+Click the Modulation tab.