Midi editor window turns white & cubase locks up.

I have recently bought a upgrade of some waves plug-ins & N.I. plug ins and it seemed to start right after that so I have removed the updates & reloaded Cubase 8 but does not seem to fix problem. It seems as though everything else seems to work in Cubase including the plug ins that were added until you click on a midi event to edit and then it pulls up a white midi piano roll editing window with no visual data & just freezes the program. There also were some windows updates completed after the problem occurred just to see if maybe that would help.
I am looking for a quick fix… aren’t we all. It always seems to happen in the middle of big mix projects & I should no better for upgrading in middle of projects but was looking for a few more tools.

This happens to me sometimes… In all versions of Cubase at some point. As far as I tell, it’s due to memory leaks. You’re basically running out of memory system-wide. Maybe a reboot will help, if it’s a memory leak. Otherwise, time to start trimming down your plugins.

backup your preferences, delete the original pref. folder then restart Cubase (then copy it back)