midi editors become blank under mouse clicks (Mac)

I have been having this problem just recently.

Noticed it on Cubase 5, after semi heavy sessions, editing in the key editor or drum editor, when I drag around midi events, the screen goes blank white until I unclick the mouse. It also happens when pressing command without clicking the mouse. It’s a blank screen but I can still see faint gridlines. If I continue to work, it spreads out to the arrangement page, where clicking on a part makes the arrangement window go blank.

After upgrading to 6.5 I have just noticed it again. It doesn’t happen straightaway, it’s generally after working in the midi editors for a bit, then it goes a bit glitchy until full off blank screens everytime I try to adjust an event.

Never had video problems before, the only changes to my system are installing 6.5, along with normal disk utility maintenance, upgrading ELicense. I also had to replace 2GB memory 2 months ago. I’m wondering if I’m beginning to get hints that my 2008 Mac Pro is breaking down, as there have been other smaller “issues” that are cropping up.

I don’t know if this is your case, but one does sometimes get white screens when working in 32-bit mode and RAM is running low.

Thanks Vic. Yes that is probably the case.

My white screen occurs with 82gb of ram free lol
My theory is legacy plugins creating issues with Cubase.
Whatever the reason. I hope this is fixed asap! :frowning: