Midi Editors - Labeling

After building a large master template in cubase (600+ tracks) I’m surprised that the following are not possible considering how simple they would be to implement. Please consider doing so, as it would take Cubase from a great DAW to the absolute best one for midi editing: Some of these features are already available on other programs.

1. Labeling, and custom coloring of keys in the piano roll - The ability to label keyswitches is one thing, and can obviously be accomplished by using expression maps, but it would be nice to have this option, as well as the ability to more easily label percussion sounds, and other effects without having to use the drum editor which doesn’t show duration.Coloring the keys (which I noticed cubase does at times in version 8) would add an even faster visual cue.

2. Labeling the names of CC lanes- Such a simple request, no? Some instruments need 10-15 cc lanes or more (samplemodeling comes to mind, or many synths) to really get all the expression. It becomes tricky to remember what every lane is used to edit. It would be so nice to be able to label the lanes, and imediately know what parameters you are editing. Being able to save the labeling for CC lanes and piano roll as presets would be a must, and is basically already a function in Cubase now.

3. Overhaul ease of use, and update features for Drum editor, and Expression maps.- These are SO cumbersome to set up. Everything from menu navigation (I end up spending forever just scrolling through maps to get to the one I need, for example) to batch settings (Set all events to channel x etc), to an expanded list of articulations in expression maps, or the ability to choose to play two expression simultaneously (unreliable at best using expression lanes).Ask for what features people need in this regard in this forum, and you would easily find a way to make these features really shine.

I hope these suggestions are taken seriously. They would be universally lauded by all media composers, NEED to be updated to 2015, and seem like relatively easy updates.


I strongly second #3. Batch edits for expression map articulations would shave hours off of setup on some projects.