Midi edits and changing an instrument

Goin outa my mind :slight_smile: Every time I change an instrument in Halion…it goes back to it’s original! I’ve tried deleting the controller and change of program but nothing works - help

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Is this a Cubase-related- or HALion-related topic, please? Are you talking about HALion 7, or HALion Sonic, or HALion Sonic SE?

If it’s Cubase, are you talking about Cubase 12 or Cubase 13?

How exactly do you change the instrument?

Are you sure, there is no Program Change MIDI Message in the MIDI Track?

Thanks Martin - Sorted now :grinning: It’s Cubase 12, Halion Sonic and found a programme change I originally missed. Deleted this and now all is well

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