MIDI Effects (The Untapped Treasures of)

Hi all,

When I send a large number of MIDI notes with exactly the same declared starting time to a physical MIDI OUT, Cubase’s real-time peak meter instantly and systematically jumps from nothing to overload, which generates a small crackling sound.

I tried every tweak I could think of without success, aside from the following hint: inserting a MIDI Effect like Arpache 5 to slightly arpegiate the outgoing MIDI notes will eradicate the issue.

So now the problem has moved from what’s going on to how to best fix it.

Unfortunately, Arpache 5’s limited options won’t match my musical needs. Hence the questions:

  • Have you heard about a MIDI Effect that can delay by a few tics simultaneous notes (without creating counter-productive stiff arpeggios) just to avoid overloading Cubase ?

  • When there are thousands of audio VSTfx and VSTi out there, why are MIDI Effects so neglected ?

  • Do you have a favorite MIDI Effect developper ?

  • Do you know about a course I could take to code my own ?