Midi end not working for new VST plugin

Hi, I have some new plugins and the 4 from cakewalk don’t see midi end notes, so they ring out. If I duplicate the track and change the instrument they work fine. Could anyone offer any advice please? It is the free SI VSTs from Cakewalk, the strings are nice! Thanks


If it works with other plug-in, I’m afraid the problem is in the plug-in. Please, get in contact with the plug-in vendor.

Thank you, I thought there might be a table somewhere, where you can set midi notes. For example, when you need to change midi notes for drum libraries which are all on the wrong keys. Is there a way to see what the end note is set to and change it to the same note as the plugins which work?


You can use the Logical Editor. But the Note Off should use the same Pitch as the Note On message.

Btw, use MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert to double-check, what MIDI Messages do you sent out.

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