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Hi Everyone. My first topic. My issue…I can’t enter chords using Bluetooth from my Kurzweil. Single notes fine but chords split up into single notes or a two note chord and single notes. I’ve been able to do this since version one. I checked on Sibelius and chords are on the score via midi. All my paid work depends on this so any advice would be brilliant.

I’ve checked through the forum posts.

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(Macpro 2017 - Monterey - Dorico 4 .

Are you able to connect your keyboard directly to your Mac via USB or MIDI without Bluetooth so that you can determine whether or not the Bluetooth MIDI adaptor is the variable that is introducing this problem?

Hi Daniel Thank you for getting back to me. Yes, you were right it was the bluetooth device. In my defence I did check it on the other music software program and chords came up so I thought it was okay. So apologies for sending messages in multiple directions and I’ll add this to my midi failure solutions in future. As always thank you for your support.


No worries. It would be interesting to know what Bluetooth device you have.

Hi Daniel

The one that wouldn’t play chords was a CME WIDI Master ; the one that works (my spare one) is a Yamaha MD-BT01



There is a talented Patrick that loves Kurzweil keyboards. Patrick Moraz.

Thanks. I have the Yamaha BT01 MIDI adaptor too, and it works very nicely with my Yamaha silent piano, so perhaps it’s time to retire the CME device?

I’ll probably check on it’s updates before retiring it as it’s been good for two/three years and deserves a second chance. Excellent latency figures😊

Excellent keyboards MagePrometheus…but you need to do a PhD in
computer programming to begin to fathom out the synthesis software!

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I feel your pain as I had a DX7 in the 80s. I wish I’d kept it!

Yup, me too.


That’s reassuring. I still have my DX7, although at present I use it only for note input and checking out harmony and voicings off-line.

Yep…also had a DX7 and was very chuffed at the time that I could program it…FM/Carrier waves etc…I reckon Kurzweil workstations are even more of a challenge. Manuals the size of a phone book!