Midi error messages and N11 declaring programm has crashed after closing it down


Two regular happenings with N11.

Suddenly, out of the blue I am getting dozens of messages telling me about script errors with midi on the MIDI Remote Script Console. I don;t actually use midi at all with Nuendo. wish I could upload an image. This seems to have coincided with installation of N12 which I have since uninstalled as I am in the middle of a N11 project and my system became unstable. I’ll deal with N12 later.

The other issue is I save my (large) N11 project and after it has shut down I get a message telling that N11 has crashed and the program will close. On restart of course I then have to go through the dialogue asking me what preferences to use etc, sure this is not good for the program or computer. Anyone any idea what I can do about this?