MIDI-error with violin

MIDI file is generated correctly with only piano.

Track 2
Measure 001
0x00000040: 000000 0000 2 dt=0000 Sequence/Track Name: “Piano”
0x00000049: 000000 0000 2 dt=0000 Program Change: 0x00
0x0000004c: 000000 0000 2 dt=0000 +++ a1 dur=408
0x00000050: 000000 0000 2 dt=0000 +++ a dur=1632
0x00000053: 000408 0408 2 dt=0408 — a1 dur=0
0x00000058: 000474 0474 2 dt=0066 +++ h1 dur=414
0x0000005c: 000888 0888 2 dt=0414 — h1 dur=0
0x00000061: 000961 0961 2 dt=0073 +++ a1 dur=407
0x00000065: 001368 1368 2 dt=0407 — a1 dur=0
0x0000006a: 001439 1439 2 dt=0071 +++ h1 dur=409
0x0000006e: 001632 1632 2 dt=0193 — a dur=0
0x00000073: 001848 1848 2 dt=0216 — h1 dur=0
0x00000077: 001918 1918 2 dt=0070 +++ a dur=1634

With a Violin one hears in Midi file buzz/hum.
Also with an empty line for Violin the hum is generated.
The tone F1# is activated, it is the note with the index 30 decimal.
I this note not used but.
You can check it, why it is so?

1.column: Hex-Postion in File
dt=… : delta-time µs
+++ : note on
— : note off
dur= duration

Track 2
Measure 001
0x00000040: 000000 0000 2 dt=0000 Sequence/Track Name: “Violin”
0x0000004a: 000000 0000 2 dt=0000 Program Change: 0x28
0x0000004d: 000000 0000 2 dt=0000 +++ F1# dur=7678 <==== This is the mistake
0x00000051: 000000 0000 2 dt=0000 Controller Change: 0x01 0x3f
Measure 004
0x00000055: 007678 0000 2 dt=7678 — F1# dur=0
0x0000005a: 007678 0000 2 dt=0000 End of Track

Track 3
Measure 001
0x00000066: 000000 0000 3 dt=0000 Sequence/Track Name: “Piano”
0x0000006f: 000000 0000 3 dt=0000 Program Change: 0x00
0x00000072: 000000 0000 3 dt=0000 +++ a1 dur=408
0x00000076: 000000 0000 3 dt=0000 +++ a dur=1632
0x00000079: 000408 0408 3 dt=0408 — a1 dur=0
0x0000007e: 000474 0474 3 dt=0066 +++ h1 dur=414
0x00000082: 000888 0888 3 dt=0414 — h1 dur=0
0x00000087: 000961 0961 3 dt=0073 +++ a1 dur=407
0x0000008b: 001368 1368 3 dt=0407 — a1 dur=0
0x00000090: 001439 1439 3 dt=0071 +++ h1 dur=409
0x00000094: 001632 1632 3 dt=0193 — a dur=0
0x00000099: 001848 1848 3 dt=0216 — h1 dur=0
0x0000009d: 001918 1918 3 dt=0070 +++ a dur=1634

_midi-error.zip (1.04 MB)

I’m not 100% sure, but I think that humming/buzzing sound is a key switch.

Sound libraries usually use notes that are out of the natural range of an instrument as so called key switches.
By means of these key switches you can change the playing style of an instrument (e.g. legato to pizzicato) without the need to send a program change command.
Key switches are usually on the lower end, so if you play them with a sound library that transposes over the whole range, then these key switches suddenly become audible as grumbling hums.

So Dorico exports the key switches, which apparently you don’t want to have, but I don’t know if there is a way to tell not to do it.

This cannot be thus.
F1# = 46,2493 Hz. MIDI-Index=30.
It is the 10.Key at the piano and it is in the audible range, it is NOT OUT OF the natural range of an instrument.
You can listen to the MIDI file, it hums (see example in the appendix).
The violin line is empty, why then the key switch, in addition still with an audible note?

Piano-EK, you might be misunderstanding Ulf’s point. It’s out of the range of the VIOLIN.

Pianoleo, it makes no difference whether the violin is able to do it or not, one hears it.

Unfortunately you can’t use inaudible notes as keyswitches, as keyswitches have to use a note in the MIDI range of 0 to 127, all of which are in the range of human hearing!

If it is in such a way that one uses audible keyswitches, then the velocity must be zero.
In Dorico the command looks thus: 0x90 (=note on) 0x1E (=note[30]) 0x7F (velocity=max).

But, Note on, velocity zero is equivalent to note off.
Maybe velocity=1 would reach.

With the key switches, such as in Dorico now, I can play back the Midi files not on a PC.

Dorico cannot load the self-constructed MIDI file correctly (see appendix).
The split point did not work and the key-switches are visible as notes.

I have a nasty problem. I finished my piece with cinematic strings, and it was playing perfect. Now overtime i start playback a low G# plays. !! It stays on through the entire piece! Nothing in midi view. Halion was working fine. All i did was change name of instrument short name. It plays but a hidden mystery note is playing. On Channel 8 Halion Sonic works perfect.
Any help as i need to play my Baroque piece aback and send it to copyist for proofing.
Must be a major bug? Like some hidden mystery not below viable register in Dorico. It is truly corrupted.

Thanks guys.

It’s not a bug: you’ve got the wrong VST Expression Map chosen in the Endpoint Setup dialog. In Play mode, click the cog icon next to the name of the VST instrument that’s using Cinematic Strings, and make sure that you don’t have any of the HALion Symphonic Orchestra expression maps chosen for the channels playing Cinematic Strings.

Thanks Your my Hero! I also found out about CPY resources. Just upgraded my mac Pro to 2 x 3.46 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon, and 96gb ram.
Also NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2048 MB. Don’t have stuck notes and problems. Makes it nice.
Thanks so much for your follow up. I love Dorico. Have witten 19 pieces of music so far. It prints so gorgeous to.