Midi Event at beginning of track

After watching several video tutorials including Junkie Xl’s, I noticed that there is a MIDI event at the beginning of every midi track. Is this to initialize midi cc and how do you set this up?

I created a midi event and changed the values, but when I create a new event on the same track, the values go back to cubase initial value.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

I often have a midi part with sysex at beginning, actually before rest of project - to run once when I load a project.
Cubase does not have proper sysex manager, like Sonar for one, so you have to handle this yourself.
An initial midi part is about initializing gear - plugins or external - what you program after that may replace/change those values.

But maybe it is good practise to do for midi CC - also.
To calibrate drum track, I usually add some foot pedal stuff first, so I know this is where expected once project start.
I play eDrums then to a sampler in Cubase.

So I record all midi live - as I read your post it seems you program midi.

I’m actually using VE Pro for orchestral tracking. But I get what you’re saying. Playing the first bar of midi data initializes all of my sample libraries at the correct CC I set in the midi events. I can also set all my tracks to it’s appropriate key switch when starting new projects from template.

Right on. Thanks for your help