MIDI Event Names Gone after 6.0.3 update

Unless I accidentally hit a key command I didn’t know about, I noticed in my standard template I use all my MIDI event names are missing after performing the 6.0.3 update. Audio event names are still there. However, if I create a new project, event names show up and work fine.

I unchecked/checked all the boxes in Preferences concerning “event” and “names” with no proper outcome.


I couldn’t reproduce.
I loaded a 6.02 project in 6.03 but the MIDI Event names where still there.
Could you post a more detailed repro or a cpr that shows the problem?


I PM’d you the file.


Hi, I figured it out. I think either I “bumped” this preference or the update changed it. It was the “smallest track height show name” option that did it.