Midi event play only if "note on" is detected


I’m not sure how to write the title for this. Is there a function in Nuendo where, when you press play, midi notes that are played are only the one where a “note on” occur. Not the ones that have a sustain or duration going beyond the timeline that is played. To avoid notes that have there start point before the cursor but there duration still going after the cursor, to be played.
Scenario is you have midi notes trigering loops or risers etc…
Sometime you want to play at one position but there’s the tail from a idi note say playing a riser or a loop ending there. And pressing play will trigger them making it difficult to listen what’s coming up . Also you press play from a position that is not quantised to bar and a midi event that is under the cursor will trigger a loop that will play out of sync until next retrigger.
I can’t fint this in prefs midi.


try prefences-MIDI
There are the “chase Events” options (trying to translate from german here)
If you untick “note”, you should have what you are looking for.


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