Midi event recording

Google couldn’t help me on this:

When I record some midi data, cubase creates an event before the starting point. In other words, if I want to record something on 5th bar, and I put the locator there, when I press “record”, Cubase creates an event starting from 3rd bar.
It really messes up other events on the same channel, that the new event merges with.

So the question: How do I make Cubase record starting exactly where I told him to?

What’s in the pre-recording data? Is it notes that you’ve pressed on the keyboard before recording starts, or other MIDI data?

Check preferences for “retrospective recording”?

It records only automation data like modulation etc. during precount.

The checkbox “retrospective recording” is unchecked.

Where is the MIDI data coming from? Have you got more than one input device (such as a controller, etc)?

Oh, I found out that Cubase prerecords Modulation, that’s why it makes a longer event.
I need to get ready to record modulation so i move it before the recording starts so Cubase makes a longer event to record it.

So is there a way to restrict Cubase from doing it? To record starting exactly from the cursor, no matter what I do with my controller?

There’s seriously no way to turn off record on precount? Kinda stupid, isn’t it? And annoying! I mean I always put my finger on modulation to get ready for recording, and cubase records that little movement on an event before that and messes it up! Or worse, if i play the first note a little bit earlier it records it on the previous event! Turning off “retrospective record” didn’t change anything.