MIDI event view in Project Window

OK, up until last night I’d mostly been doing audio work in C6 - most of my teaching work is on C5, so I’d not been doing much MIDI, but was working on a project last night and noticed the event display in the project window - who the hell thought of it? The new ‘auto-zoom’ might have seemed like a good idea to someone who didn’t think of the consequences of it, but it’s really not that clever - it means that parts that are octave transposed (but otherwise identical) now look identical in the project window, and you can’t tell relative pitch between parts if they have different ranges. I looked for a preference to turn this off and couldn’t find one, but it makes ZERO sense to me that someone would come up with this. Anyone else find it annoying?


would like to have a preference setting for “auto zoom midi events” on/off…

Yes. I wish there were an option to switch off the scaling. There was also a suggestion, that it would be o.k. if the scaling were per track rather than per Part, but apparently there’d be a performance trade-off…

Another typical case of someone changing something, and then putting the disadvantages they have created down as being minimal, and redefining what the positives are. There is no need for this, and it makes the project window LESS useful, not more; putting that “These data displays are intended as ‘data presence’ indicators, in themselves they are not trying to replace the inline or main midi editors.” shows this perfectly. Clearly they are not meant to replace the inline or main MIDI editors, but they are LESS useful with this current setup than they were before, and it’s a typical case of someone messing with something without thinking about the consequences.

Thanks for the link though, Vic. Clearly it won’t be being changed as another half-baked DN idea.

Simply put a “Low Note” & “high Note” Parameter in the inspector (with a Button to recalculate these for the whole track), inherit default values for these from the preference setting) and scale the Blocks on the whole Track accordingly.

Plus a Toggle Button to Toggle Automatic scaling for Events
In this Track in/off…


This way it would be “additional info”, too (lowest and highest note on track), instead of fewer (visual feedback info…


Is this idiotic, or is this UNVBELIEVABLY idiotic?

So, if I switch to C6, when I want to run my eyes quickly across MIDI parts/tracks to find passages that are high in pitch, or low in pitch, or which cover a particularly wide or particularly narrow pitch range, I can no longer do that, because the parts’ll all look similar?


Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Why f*ck Cubase up again by yet MORE pointless tampering with things that were working well.

So … “These data displays are intended as ‘data presence’ indicators, in themselves they are not trying to replace the inline or main midi editors.”

I didn’t know that was what they were intended as. I always thought they were meant to be RATHER USEFUL IN SEVERAL WAYS. But now, it seems, that long-term deviation from their intended purpose has at last been rectified by toning them down to being SLIGHTLY USEFUL IN ONE WAY. This change, of course, would have consumed some of SB’s scarce, valuable programming resources - but I’m sure that, every time we look at the new display and realise how much less useful it is, we’ll come to appreciate that it was worth every penny spent downgrading its utility.

I wonder … if SB got the job of redesigning my bank’s cash machines … perhaps there’d be a new version of the printed bank-balance slips, with all numbers eliminated, so they just say “some money”? Because, after all, they’re intended as ‘money presence’ indicators - not trying to replace the printed bank statements. (Would there be an option to show figures instead, like they always used to? Probably not.)