MIDI events... is there a MIDI event window in Elements 9.5?


I’m getting a loud crash cymbal (I want it there, just not such a high MIDI velocity) that I just can’t find in Piano Roll window. I’ve tried every MIDI tracks including Instrument tracks. It gets triggered on a particular Instrument track (Superior Drummer VST) and I worked around the problem by adding an other Instrument track with Superior Drummer and proper MIDI notes and muting MIDI volume on the culprit track (it evens triggers that faulty MIDI note when the bar is empty of content).

I was just wondering (for future reference) if I can access a list of all MIDI events somewhere in Cubase Element 9.5? I remember being able to access such a list in Cakewalk Pro for DOS back in the early 90s lol!


List Editor is not part of Cubase Elements. You can use Key Editor and show used controllers in the bottom lane + Velocity.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that but could never find culprit MIDI note based on keyboard note and velocity bars. I would of needed a straight character based MIDI list since I know the precise bar/beat where that note is.

You can use the info line in the key editor. Once you selected a note, you’ll have pretty much the info the Event List would give you. Well, I guess since I never used the Event List but from what I saw in manuals and screenshots it seems to be the same info, only one at a time.


Yes, it’s the same info as it is in the List Editor.