MIDI events not recording

Hi I am a new user, my audio recording and playback is just fine. When I try to “record” a VST instrument for instance using HALion Sonic SE, no MIDI information is recorded in the track. I can hear the instruments just fine I can also draw in the midi events with the pen tool and it plays back correctly when I do that of course I cannot work this way.

I’m running the 64 bit version of Cubase 8 Pro. My Soundcard is a PreSonus Firestudio. The Midi keyboard is a M-Audio Keystation 61 connected directly to the computer USB port (not currently plugged into my Firestudio soundcard.

On the track called “MIDI 01” the input is set to USB Keystation 61es In [1] and the output is set to HALion Sonic SE-MIDI. On the instrument track called “HALion Sonic SE 02” the input is set to USB Keystation 61es IN [1] and the output is set to HALion Sonic SE. MIDI cannel 1 is specified for both. Solo and the red record button are engaged for both. I record it and hear what I am playing thru the speakers but no events are captured in either the MIDI 1 or HALion instrument. A file seems to be created but even if you open the editor it is blank.

I’ve worked with enough older systems to know that there must be something very simple that is being overlooked. Any ideas would be very appreciated so that I can get onto making some music. thanks! Jim G

Well I have made a little progress and identified that the midi events seem to be recording however they are recorded about a minute late in the program. I didn’t notice this at first because I was only attempting short loop recordings with the vst instruments. I found that the midi track is generated out to the length of the loop specified, and if the loop is rather large I can scroll (way) over and locate the actual midi event data I’d recorded.

The problem now suggests that there is some sync / timing issue going on between my keyboard and the cubase engine. It seems more related to some other more common issues that I came across earlier. I’ll review them and try to post the ultimate fix once I determine it.

I believe that I found the error and correction. In Cubase 8 going to the Devices tab and selecting Device Setup, the checkbox for “use system timestamp for directmusic inputs” needs to be checked. I saw some posts referring to the MINDI timestamp which is also a choice in this menu, but for some reason chose to ignore it. Sadly things that are obvious to experienced users don’t ring a bell to those like me just getting started.

I hope that someone reading this post is helped by this dialog, because I feel pretty dumb. Anyhow, if this happens to you I am glad you joined the Steinerg network or at least googled this and found your answer. Happy composing to all. Jim G