MIDI Events/notes change position when I change BPM + "Default Track Time Type" setting issue

Hello. So I have a MIDI event that starts at 73. 2. 4. 0. and ends at 75. 2. 4. 0 the BPM is 66.
Now, if I change the BPM to, say, 60, the event now ends at 75. 2. 2. 74. And the tempo does now actually slow down, despite how much I turn the BPM down.

How do I stop this from happening? How do I lock the MIDI events/notes in place despite my changing the BPM?

I try to go to Edit → Preferences → Editing and then click the various options between Musical or Time Linear or Follow Transport Main Display. But none of them change this error.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, @JohnSilas

Have you tried to pass your MIDI/Instrument track time base from Linear to Musical ?


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Thank you very much. That seems to solve the problem. It’s set to Linear by default. Is there a way to set tracks to Musical by default? So that I don’t have to manually change it each time…

AFAIK, the Edit > Preferences > Editing > Default Track Time Type setting should do the job. :thinking:

That doesn’t seem to work, as it was already set to Musical, but the tracks are set to Linear by default.

It does work, here, but ONLY for the tracks that will be created further.

Not sure I follow.

Let’s say we put this setting as Musical at a given time : all the tracks that will be created AFTER will have a Musical time base by default.

If we then change this setting to Linear, same thing : all the tracks that will be created AFTER will have a Linear time base by default.

This works for MIDI and Instrument tracks, and also for audio ones.

Yes but what about new projects? I checked some other projects of mine. Most of them seem to be set to Musical. But some are set to Linear. I don’t know why.

If you open a given project (a new empty one or not) and start to add new tracks, these will have by default the time base set in the preferences.

It was always set to Musical in the Preferences, though. So I don’t know how some projects are Linear.

Projects don’t have a time base either Linear or Musical, tracks do.

Yes but is there a way to set up Musical as the default for tracks, whenever I create a new project.

When I create a new project, there is automatically 16 tracks added, as Im using the MOX8. Most of these projects seem to have all their tracks set to Musical. But some of these projects have all their tracks set to Linear. I don’ know why.

How do you add 16 tracks automatically ? Via a MIDI Remote script ?

FWIW, I have just created a new project after having set the Default Track Time Type to Time Linear and these settings :

As a result, all the tracks created in this project have a… Musical time base ! :open_mouth:

So, indeed, there is an issue, in this precise case, but maybe @Martin.Jirsak or someone else could explain this further. I never create a project this way (I usually create them from a given template), and each time, the eventual tracks added ‘manually’ in an already existing project, even empty, respect the Default Track Time Type setting.

Can’t say a lot more about the issue, I admit…

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Via the MOX8.

Oh I see. Thank you so much for your help. It would be great to find a way to have these projects open to Musical by default.

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Oh, those are Templates you are using to create the Project. When you create a new Project from a Template it will be setup exactly how it is in the Template. So if the Template has Tracks set to Linear Timebase they will also be set to Linear Timebase in your Project.

The best thing to do is edit an existing Template or create from scratch a new Template that is setup however you prefer and use that to create new Projects.

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Should have thought about the way the tracks were already set in a given template… :roll_eyes:

Makes sense. Thanks for chiming in. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. when I opened the template, it opens to Musical. What I don’t understand is how some of these projects are somehow set to Linear. They used the same original template.