MIDI events recorded ahead of time


Can anyone advise what settings I should change in Cubase 10 Pro to fix MIDI events being recorded too early i.e. ahead of time? I am recording them on time (and it does sound on time while playing live), but in the list editor they show up way too early, and will also sound too early once played back.

This issue occurs only on one installation (Lenovo T480s with Win10). Everything works completely fine on two others (2x Lenovo T440s with Win8.1).

I have tried the System Timestamp Setting, switched audio interfaces and drivers (all of which work on the other Cubase 10 installations), tried different MIDI keyboards (also these all work on the other PCs), and reinstalled Cubase.

Thank you for helping!


Please read these two articles:

Thank you, I read those before and tried all the settings mentioned. I will still run some MIDI-only tests now. All this however does not explain why a more recent Win10 machine would behave differently from Win8.1 machines. I don’t think Win10 is an issue generally, since many are using it without problems - maybe it is an unlucky combination of PC hardware and Win10.

Today I tried a different approach. I installed a fresh Win10 partition on the same PC without removing the existing Win10 installation so I would be able to compare. On the new Win10 I installed Cubase 10 and Halion 6 only, plus my controller’s MIDI/audio driver. Surprisingly, the new installation does not have problems with early MIDI notes, while the older installation (on the same PC) does have issues. Maybe at some point in time some software installation caused an issue on my older Win10. So although I was not able to pinpoint the exact cause, if you experience the same it might be worth making a fresh Win10 install and keeping it dedicated for Cubase use only.

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