MIDI events to Part

I used to be able to select a bunch of MIDI events and convert them to a single MIDI part for Part editing. I can’t find that command anymore. Is it there?


Where did you select the MIDI events? In the Key Editor or in the Project window, or…? Did you create a new MIDI part? Did you create a new MIDI track with it? Or did you cut the MIDI Part?

For me there is confusion in naming of events and midi - is it a clip with midi events - or a couple of single midi events like notes/controllers?

Any clip is called event in Cubase.


MIDI Part/Clip is in the Project window. MIDI Events are ask data in the MIDI Part /Clip.

Thanks, I wish it was a clear as that.
Reading manual Editing techniques for parts and events is still somewhat unclear.
For audio you have parts and can be disolved into events - so that is a container for many clips it seems.
Manual talking about glueing and grouping - it’s all about events in the meaning “clip” and both midi and audio.

As OP mentioned I also, doing Elements 7 in 2014, remember about commands going both ways between parts and events.
Unfortunate terms used as I see it, very confusing.

OK, then I would like to make it really clean. :slight_smile:

Audio Clip - is the “audio file”, the clip you can see in Pool.
Audio Event - audio clip used in the Project window. You can cut it, copy, duplicate, set the position…
Audio Part - multiple audio events packed (folded) to one part to be able to manipulate with them at once.

Analogical for MIDI:
MIDI Part - multiple MIDI events packed (folded) to one part.
MIDI Event - MIDI Data, which has been used in other MIDI Devices too.

There is no MIDI Clip in fact. But some users are using MIDI Clip or MIDI Event even for MIDI Part. Myself, I can life with MIDI Clip in this case, but using MIDI Event instead of MIDI Part is really confusing from my point of view.

Masive thanks for clarification - you should be consulted writing the manual.

Still though - why is audio part not a group or something glued from audio events?
What you describe is basically what glued or grouped stuff allow - handling things together.

From eng manual p199
“If not explicitly stated, all descriptions apply to both events and parts, even though we use the term event for convenience.”

“convenience”, one would think that “part” everywhere would create less confusion than “event”, but that is me.

On topic - what OP and me think we remember about midi also being events as container and parts as container is basically wrong?
Midi is always contained in a part. There is only two levels - midi data and part.

Terminology in the CuBase manual is pretty much the industry standard for %95 or more of the pro level commercial DAWs out there.

Hierarchy from smallest data type to largest is:


Single Bytes: Something you won’t see unless you work with sysex packets.

Events: Individual Note on/off, pitch bends, continuous controllers, N/RPN, after touch, VST/i meta instructions…

Parts: Containers that hold groups of MIDI events. It comes in handy to be able to use the scissor tool and snip a part into sections for copying/pasting or otherwise moving a section of music around.

Lanes: These are kept as part of a track. They can hold things like alternate versions of part arrangements or automation Lanes for VST/i or MIDI CC events.

Tracks: Can hold any number of parts. Parts can even be stacked on top of one another. The track controls the routing of all MIDI events on both playback and recording.

Folders: These can hold groups of tracks or instruments.

Projects: This is the highest level other than the main App shell itself, where you see and work with all of the above.

For Audio

Samples: Individual audio samples. I.E. If your audio card is set to 44.1k sample rate, then a single sample is something like 0.0226757369614512 milliseconds in time.

Events: Triggers inside a part that instruct Cubase what samples to play and when. At the higher level it includes things like pointing to a particular audio file on a hard drive. These can also include things like tempo stretching/shrinking instructions, cue points, and more.

Parts: Containers that hold all of the samples and events. Just like with the MIDI Tool, these can be used to copy/paste/move sections of audio to any point in your project. In the case of audio, you have options to create a new copy of the audio inside the container when copying/pasting, or simply referring to the same audio file that is used is already loaded in the pool.

Lanes: Same as for MIDI track lanes.

Tracks: Same as for MIDI Tracks.

Folders: Same as for MIDI Tracks.

Projects: Same as for MIDI Tracks.

Thanks for you attempt to explain - even though you are far off what is industry standard.
As far as I recall only StudioOne calls clips events. And programmers are exSteinberg employees I think.
Looking in PLE - you can only work on Events, so if your definition is correct that would not include samples then.

Protools - Tracks and clips - same for midi and audio.
Sonar - Track and clips - same for midi and audio.
Reaper - Tracks and items - same for midi and audio, but also has a subitem called takes for each record you make on same range.
Digital Performer - as I recall tracks and sequences, when you go in one level. A little odd since midi does not have a container at all, only midi data on timeline.
Samplitude ProX2 - tracks and objects, same for midi and audio.

So 95% of daws use Cubase terms - not so much. Logic and Ableton I know nothing about.
So in my view about 20% of daws use Events and Parts for clips - not 95%.

I just find terms used are unfortunate so many times in Cubase - and it prolong the time to really grasp what is mentioned in manual.
Having no context sensitive help you search directly in pdf for words you know about - and get no hits.
So you search again and find Events - and miss the little sentence in there saying that everything we mention about event is also for part.

And they choose “for convenience” use the most confusing terms event since midi event is just midi data, even in tools like PLE.
You can disolve audio part into it’s events - but can only work with events in PLE?
IMHO they should replace Event with Part everywhere so it’s consistent everywhere. That goes for both audio and midi
Who needs to know about events at all, one wonders.

Just one example, I have a handful more about channels which are busses in other daws, but are hardware inputs/outputs in Cubase and AUX in other daws. I’ll stop there.