MIDI exchange between Cubase and Cubasis 3

Hi, I’m using Cubase AI 11 on Windows 10 and Cubasis 3 on the iPad. I am unable to export MIDI files from a Cubase project in a way that Cubasis is able to import correctly. What am I doing wrong? What are the correct settings in the MIDI export dialog in Cubase for Cubasis beeing able to read and process correctly? I tried many ways but Cubasis always complains saying “Problem with file”. That’s really frustrating. Any ideas on how to solve this?
Thank you

Apparently, this is a Google Drive issue: If I store the same MIDI file on dropbox, cubasis imports it correctly.
Is this a known issue that Google drive is not fully supported in Cubasis??

Hi @frakel,

Thanks for your message.
We are glad to read that you’ve sorted out the problem yourself.

Please let us have the exact steps to let us give the Google Drive issue an exact repro.

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