Midi export and expression maps

Hi everybody!
I have an expression map that has this type of configuration:
CH1 → KS C0 Natural
CH1 → KS F0 Staccato
CH1 → KS F#0 Staccatissimo
CH2 → Legato
CH3 → Legato Accent
Everything works fine in Dorico but when I export the piece in midi format, when I import it in Logic every track has all CCs on different channels, depending on the playing technique, but all notes and key switches all on channel 1 for the first track, channel two for the second and so on. So I have to manually change the channels of the notes to restore in Logic the playback technique, or build an articulation ID similar to the Expression Map and manually change the artId for every note.
Is it possible to export every track with different channels inside?

If I remember correctly, Paul has made some changes in this very area recently such that channel changes defined in expression maps are preserved where possible when exporting MIDI files, and these changes will be included in the next update, when it arrives.

Thanks! I look forward to the next update!