MIDI Export and Import?

During MIDI export does Dorico include the various expression, automation and performance markings so that when played in a traditional DAW the music can sound as written? And, conversely, upon MIDI import, does Dorico recognize and include in the resulting score the various markings, automation and performance parameters from a DAW.

Thank you, CS.

Yes, Dorico exports MIDI in the same way as it plays back, so all MIDI controller data, key switch data etc. that is generated for playback is included in the exported MIDI file. Dorico likewise imports controller data etc. from MIDI files, but do be aware that if you have key switch notes in your MIDI file, Dorico will import them just as regular notes, because there’s no way for Dorico to know the difference between a note that is part of the intended musical material and a note that has been generated by a key switch.

This is great news. Thank you, CS.