Midi export bug

  1. Summary / Title
    When I import from another program after doing ‘midi export’ on Cubasis3 app, the beat changes to 4/16.

  2. Explanation

  3. Execute Midi Export

  4. Load Midi files into other programs such as finale, staffpad, etc.
    3] It is changed to 4/16 beat.

  5. Estimated Results
    It should be imported from the program in 4/4 beats.

  6. Actual Results
    The program has been switched to 4/16 beats.

  7. Environment
    iPad Pro 2018 12.9 "512gb (iPadOS 14.2)
    Run Cubasis 3.1.3)

Hi sktune,

Thank you for your message.

Since Cubasis does not support 4/16, the issue seems to be unrelated to the app.
Please share an exported MIDI file with us (e.g. Dropbox link via PM), to take a look at the issue.


Could you check it one more time?
It’s a strange phenomenon that only happens on Cubasis3 app.
Would you like to export the 4/4 beat MIDI file?
And import the MIDI file in another program.
The beat has changed. 4/16
The programs I tested are finale, staffpad, etc.
I import the midi file in finale, staffpad program.
These programs are music-notation (sheet programs).

Hi sktune,

Thank you for providing me with the MIDI file example.
Your issue has been entered to our bugbase and shared with our engineers.