MIDI Export Functionality extended and simplified

Hello, My request is that the MIDI Export functionality includes an option to export ONLY the selected MIDI track(s) and part range.

Currently MIDI export tries to export any active MIDI track. The larger the session and number of instruments, the more challenging it is to isolate and export a simple single track 4 measure MIDI file.

If exporting MIDI files could also use marker tracks to export multiple MIDI files based on marker ranges, that would be beneficial to game audio/music production. PLUS the ability to export ‘each MIDI track’ of a selection as separate MIDI files would be helpful

Again this MIDI export functionality would greatly help composers take full advantage of MIDI systems in game audio engines such as Audiokinetic’s Wwise (which Nuendo already partners with).

The cherry on top is for Nuendo’s Wwise interchange to work with MIDI files as well as audio files.

Thanks, from an adaptive music pioneer.