MIDI Export in Cubasis

So I have several projects, each with single MIDI tracks that I’m trying to export. They were all recorded with the same set up and perimeters. Some are exporting just fine and others are not. When the seemingly corrupted ones play on my computer, the time of the track is completely wrong.

For example, when I export a song that is 3:33 long, the MIDI file will be 3:33:00. So, 3 hours instead of 3 minutes. I’d be fine with cutting the length in the computer except there is no other data in the file.

This doesn’t happen on every export. It only happens with certain projects… and it is driving me crazy. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Hi crystaljoymusic,

Please can you give us an detailed step by step “Export” description to do any research and recreate your problem.

thank you


I’ve actually done some more troubleshooting with this and here’s what I did this morning…

Open a new project via Media Bay.
Open a new track, select MIDI.
Record random MIDI track with the piano.
Open Media Bay and select “Mixdown”.
Select “Create Mixdown” and choose the MIDI option.
Export via Dropbox to computer.

  • Windows Media Player (I know…) will open the file. It won’t play any sound. The time of the file changed from 2 minutes 29 seconds to 2 hours 29 minutes.
  • Musescore 3 using Windows 10 will not open the file. Program crashes.
  • MIDIEditor will occasionally open the file, but any data rendered will be elongated or incorrect. Velocity is at 100% for almost every note. Duration of notes are way off. Time will be hours instead of minutes.

Old saved MIDI exports are functioning just fine with these 3 programs.

I’m happy to give more info if needed. Thanks.

Hello, crystaljoymusic,

Sorry, is not reproducible here

What I did:

  • I create new project “A”, midi track and record some midi notes with the internal keyboard.
  • Open media and create mixdown “A.mid” file
  • Select the new midi mixdown “A.mid” file in > Media/Mixdown
  • Click the Share/More/Save to “Save to Dropbox” button.
  • Select the destination folder in the drop-down list and save the “A.mid” file.
  • Import the “A.mid” file from Dropbox to an Windows 10 computer
  • Import the “A.mid” file from Desktop into Cubase
    Result: The imported Cubasis midi file “A.mid” is exactly the same as the exported Cubasis “A.mid” file.

It looks like the problem is with musescore or midi Editor.

Can you send us your Project ?


Hi Jan, happy to. Please let me know where to send. (Forum messaging won’t let me send a MIDI file.) Thank you so much for looking into this.

I will be testing some of these “broken” files on a different computer. Perhaps that’s what will make the difference.

Hi crystaljoymusic,

You can upload to Dropbox and send me the download link as private forum message.