Midi export issue - cross bar tied notes


Is there a workaround to tied notes across a bar exporting as separate notes in midi rather than a single note?

The below will export the tied notes as two separate 8th notes.
Screenshot 2023-12-04 213456

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you checked that the tie between the two 8th notes is not actually a slur?
Dorico treats tied notes as one note which, if necessary, is then divided visually using ties to follow notation conventions.
I created a Dorico project similar to your example.
These are the results.

tie.dorico (510.1 KB)
tie.mid (109 Bytes)

Hi. Thanks.

Your files work for me.

But if I recreate that file and export the midi it doesn’t work. It creates an unreadable midi file.

I did make a mistake earlier though. It’s not that the tied notes aren’t exporting correctly, it’s midi doesn’t seem to be exporting correctly altogether. Wondering if I have some settings wrong, but there don’t seem to be any midi export options.

Untitled Project 1.dorico (426.7 KB)
Untitled Project 1 - Full score - Flow 1.mid (50 Bytes)

In the Dorico project, go to Play > Playback Template… and apply a playback template which is not Silence. Then try exporting as MIDI.

That’s it! Thank you.