MIDI Export Issue with VSL Official Playback Expression File.

The screen recording of how this issue behaves:

I cannot tell whether this is an issue of Dorico itself, or the VST expression files offered by VSL official website.
The only thing I know is that the exported MIDI file has lack of lots of MIDI notes, and this lack is so obvious.
I didn’t meet this issue with NotePerformer VST expression definitions.

The project file is attached in one of my replies under this thread.

P.S.: Dorico Pro 2.2.20 is being used in this case.
P.P.S: If Dorico team has VSL Special Edition Volume 1 installed on their computer, they can try the MIDI playback inside Dorico. Note that Vienna Instruments 5.3.17960 is recommended (Older versions may have no VST3 support).

Please leave a message here if anyone from Dorico team successfully downloaded the attachment.

The video is apparently unavailable, so I’m unable to even see what issue you’re trying to report.

Either the problem’s at your end, Daniel, or Youtube has since resolved whatever glitch was afflicting it - the video’s fine here.

My apologies. The recent changes of Youtube (regarding how to editing video preferences) made me mess up with the video settings.

Now I changed the settings to make this video accessible (only with URL). Tests under inprivate browsing mode proved that it can be accessed by anyone.

Not Daniel’s problem. When you was watching the video, I already fixed the video settings.

The project plays back correctly within Dorico, but notes are missing when you export MIDI?

I exported MIDI to Cubase (using the VST expression map from VSL website) but found that it has lack of lots of notes.
Also, the playback on my Mac Pro has lack of same notes, too. (e.g. Flutes at the very beginning measures.)

How’s the test results on your side regarding MIDI export?

I think I should attach the project version which is already applied the VSL expression map.
Also, the VSL official expression map for high winds (used in the project) is attached here, for your reference.
VSL SE - High Winds.expressionmap.zip (2.85 KB)
Trois Pieces Breves - VSL.dorico.zip (610 KB)

I believe the problem is that the VSL expression maps don’t define a ‘Natural’ technique, so normal, unmodified notes cannot be played back. Try adding a suitable ‘Natural’ switch to the expression maps, and you should find that everything springs into life.

… plus there are other issues with these Xmaps as well. Happy hunting :slight_smile:

You, sir, have a talent for understatement. :wink:

Yeah. I found that this expression map doesn’t respond to hairpins.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Since I also found other issues with VSL official expression maps (like the lack of response to hairpins), maybe I need to send VSL a ticket.

The default volume controller in VSL is CC11 - you need to set each and every articulation (at least the sustaining ones) in your Xmaps to use CC11 (and not Velocity)

I don’t think the people at VSL consider the VST Expression Maps they publish to be targeted at Dorico; they’re specifically for Cubase. So I think you will have to modify them yourself if you want to use them in Dorico.

Steinberg/Dorico has to put somebody to build Expression Maps for VSL or to pay VSL to make them
VSL do not want to work for free
It is incredible that after so many month Steinberg did not do anything. All VSL users are potential Dorico’s user.
Because of this, people on VSL forum are saying to go for other software !
Steinberg is loosing money !
On VSL Forum today :

Hi Michael.

If your new to both notation packages, if it was my choice i’d stick with Sibelius and upgrade to Ultimate.

VSL have worked wonders in my opinion with there sound sets and there libraries, and everything works wonderfully well. So well in fact that i really dont use logic pro anymore, and do all my writing in Sibelius with VSL’s libraries.



Have Sibelius paid VSL to build Expression Maps for Sibelius? If not, then why should Steinberg pay VSL to build Expression Maps for Dorico?

So Dorico should work for free? :laughing:

Once Dorico’s playback system is finished (fallbacks, exclusion groups etc.) VSL will probably provide expression maps for their default configurations (at least it will be reasonable to ask them provide it.) It shouldn’t take a human being more than a working day, quality assurance included. It’s not exactly rocket science…